Exploring the combined effect of high-performance work systems, broad-based employee stock ownership and commitment on firm performance.

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Nowadays, many organizations use different types of participation practices to engage and motivate their employees. This master thesis explores the influence of high-performance work systems, employee stock ownership and commitment on firm performance. This study combines Strategic Human Resource Management theory with Ownership theory. Because of the fact that companies are no longer concerned with merely profit, soft performance as well as financial performance measures are included in this study. This research has furthermore been conducted as a single case study with a Dutch accountancy firm where a mixed-method system has been used to test the hypotheses. There has been made a presumption that high-performance work systems, employee stock ownership and commitment coherently influence firm performance. Quantitative data is derived from the Cranet Questionnaire of 2015, and qualitative data included in this study is taken from interviews which have been conducted during the study itself. The results of the quantitative analysis show that high-performance work systems, commitment practices and broad-based employee stock ownership coherently positively influence firm performance. It seems that without a high-performance work system, employee stock ownership and commitment do not coherently influence firm performance, which implies that a high-performance work system should always be included as a practice within a firm when the other two practices are present. The qualitative findings show that broadbased employee stock ownership enhances perceived ownership and employee commitment. Other results and findings of this study are to be found in the last two chapters of this paper. Finally, the last chapter will include some future recommendations for further studies in this field.
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