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  • Pigmans, E. (2018-07-10)
    Master Letterkunde
    This thesis examines whether or not feminist dystopian fiction can be seen as a distinct literary (sub)genre. It considers the importance of looking at both internal features of texts and at recognition by the field with ...
  • Closed Access
    Boumans, I. (2018-07-13)
    Master Filosofie (Wijsbegeerte van een bepaald wetenschapsgebied)
    In deze scriptie is gekeken naar zelfregulatie in de sport. In gedragswetenschappelijk onderzoek worden tal van definities van zelfregulatie gebruikt. Dit zorgt voor onduidelijkheid in het sportonderzoek over zelfregulatie. In ...
  • Zweers, A.W.M.C. (2018-06-15)
    Master Letterkunde
    This thesis sheds light on the relatively new concept of literary web series and their unique relation with their audience. Theories on transmediality and audience interaction are applied to four literary web series. The ...
  • Westen van, Jan-Maarten (2017-12-12)
    Master Political Science
    Before getting into the UN’s obsession with elections I would like to thank several people who helped and supported me while writing this thesis. First of all, my supervisor Prof. Dr. Anna van der Vleuten, who helped me a ...
  • Seumeren van, Iris (2018-06-29)
    Master Political Science
    This thesis develops a theoretical framework based on the capability approach by Amartya Sen to conduct a literature review on the effectiveness of different levels (individual, community and national) of development ...