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    Cultural Determinants of Subjective Well-Being: Epidemiological Evidence from the European Social Survey
    (2022-08-31) Oorschot, van , Patrick; Hoorn, van, André; Wagner, Natascha
    Applying the epidemiological approach, this thesis studies the relation between national culture and subjective well-being using respondents from the European Social Survey and the culture dimensions developed by Geert Hofstede. Examining second-generation immigrants, originating from 99 countries all across the globe, the effect of culture was isolated from contemporaneous effects of the institutional and economic environment of the destination-country. Overall, the most important finding of this thesis is that cultural preferences and beliefs are likely to exercise influence over individual happiness outcomes, even outside of the environment in which these cultural values originate. However, the exact relation between the cultural dimensions and SWB outcomes turned out to be hard to uncover.
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    Sustainability in the coffee sector. An analysis of the JDE Sustainability Strategy in coffee origin countries
    (2023-02-13) Ferri, Monica; Inoue, Cristina
    Climate change with a growing world population, and scarcity of resources are the biggest challenges of our times. Governments, civil society and businesses need to collaborate in order to tackle social and environmental consequences of these manifold problems. Multinational Corporations (MNCs) are international actors within the society, which are often responsible for environmental damage and human rights abuses. At the same time, they are considered as having a key role to contribute in tackling many global challenges. This research will try to understand how MNCs in the coffee sector contribute to promote sustainability through their corporate sustainability strategies. In particular, the focus will be on the multinational roasters Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), a subsidiary of JDE Peet’s, the world's leading pure-play coffee and tea company, headquartered in the Netherlands, and their initiatives to promote sustainability in coffee sourcing countries. The coffee industry connects millions of smallholder farmers in the Global South with global markets and it has historically been a frontrunner in sustainability efforts through private and voluntary initiatives. To assess the role played by JDE in promoting and governing sustainability, the author decided to combine the Global Value Chain (GVC) framework with the Nonstate Market-driven (NSMD) sustainability governance.
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    De framing van Chinese en Europese activiteiten in Afrika onder de loep. Een nadere beschouwing van de nieuwsmedia rondom China en de Europese Unie in Afrika
    (2023-02-09) Keijzer, de, Quirien; Kaufmann, Maria
    Deze scriptie focust zich op de berichtgeving over de Chinese en de Europese activiteit in Afrika. Het onderzoek focust zich op de framing, met name het verschil in framing voor enerzijds de Chinese activiteit en anderzijds de Europese activiteit. De onderzoeksvraag die hieruit volgt is: Hoe wordt het Chinese en Europese optreden in Afrika geframed met betrekking tot milieurechtvaardigheid van 2000 tot en met 2021, en in hoeverre verschilt deze framing van elkaar?’. Door middel van deze hoofdvraag kon er een analyse gemaakt worden van de verschillende frames die gebruikt worden met betrekking tot de Chinese en Europese activiteit in Afrika. Het onderzoek is uitgevoerd door middel van een analyse van krantenartikelen. Deze krantenartikelen zijn gecodeerd, waarna de codes gegroepeerd zijn. Door middel van deze codering is er een objectieve analyse van een eventueel verschil in het gebruik van frames gemaakt. Uit dit onderzoek is gebleken dat het gebruik van frames door de jaren heen consequent is. Het meeste gebruik wordt gemaakt van het diagnostische en het prognostische frame. Binnen het gebruik van deze frames wordt er meermaals gebruik gemaakt van het etnocentrisme frame tussen de EU en China. Dit frame wordt veelal gebruikt om het verschil in activiteit tussen beide actoren weer te geven. Dit is opvallend, aangezien beide actoren daardoor veelvoudig tegenover elkaar worden geplaatst. De Chinese- en Europese activiteit wordt op een andere wijze geframed, doordat de focus voor beide regio’s elders ligt. Met betrekking tot de Chinese activiteit ligt de kritiek voornamelijk bij de milieugevolgen die zij veroorzaken door de grondstofwinning. Wanneer gekeken wordt naar de Europese activiteit ligt de kritiek met name bij de strenge voorwaarden die zij Afrikaanse landen opleggen. De conclusie is daarom dat er een constante framing is, die voor zowel China en Europa door de jaren heen gelijk blijft.
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    Waalpaintings - a case study of creative plademaking in the city of Nijmegen
    (2023-02-07) Bos, Femke; Landau-Donnelly, Friederike
    The following thesis aims to research how creative placemaking can contribute to sense of place. This is done through a case study in the city of Nijmegen. The Waalpaintings project, which makes murals that depict the history of this city, is the central case that is researched. By looking at how history-depicting murals are a creative placemaking practice, and combining this with the literature on sense of place, an answer can be found to the following question: How does creative placemaking in the form of history-depicting murals contribute to sense of place in the city of Nijmegen? The literature review is combined with interviews, observations of the murals in Nijmegen, and online research of the project. The creation of a more pleasant space is central to the practice of creative placemaking. This is done in the Waalpaintings project. Creative placemaking aims to support communities in turning their spaces into places they wish to be in. The initiators of the project realize these murals with local artists, fundraising from local organisations and people, and with local history in mind. This means they aim to create places that are fitting to this local community, and where people have a sense of place.
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    Gender and Climate Change Discourse in Uganda: Insights from women representatives of CSOs
    (2023-02-26) Georgiadi, Elena; Kaufmann, Maria
    Women are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change compared to their male counterparts. This is a reality acknowledged by policymakers who produce the dominant discourse in Uganda. However, the “victimization discourse” that targets women and the feminization of vulnerability has been crucially criticized by a significant number of scholars who believe that gendered vulnerability to climate change is a result of complex factors which cannot be simplified. They argue against the generalization of women as a vulnerable group as manifestations of vulnerability to climate change vary in different ways based on gender and other intersecting identities. This research aims to gain a deeper understanding of the dominant discourse of policymakers through the review of papers focusing on the analysis of climate change policies and in parallel, it seeks to shed light on the discourse of women representatives of CSOs in Uganda in order to map out the emergence of a counter-discourse in the country. This thesis uses a feminist critical and intersectional lens to further comprehend the synergies and mismatches of the two discourses in order to provide positive alternatives which go beyond the generalization of women as vulnerable by brining into perspective the different sub-groups of women and the contextual conditions which shape vulnerabilities.