The role of policy instrument in the integration of energy storage systems into the Dutch energy mix

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This thesis explains the reasons behind the increasing need for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) within the Netherlands, and uses an adapted version of Transition Management theory to examine how policy instrument choice can facilitate (or hinder) the transition of ESS towards commercialisation. The thesis examines how policy instruments have allowed wind and solar energy production to previously make this transition, and investigates if lessons learnt from this transition can be applied to the ongoing ESS transition. Through a number of interviews with relevant experts, re-occurring themes are identified. Evidence suggests that policy instruments are currently holding ESS integration back, although there are structures in place which can be seen to help facilitate the transition. The thesis details these themes and identifies instruments which facilitate or hinder the transition. It explains where the transition sits within the policy and technology domains, and highlights the role of policymakers and technology actors. The thesis concludes that although increased integration of ESS is required, it is not the ultimate goal of the energy transition. The ultimate goal is a clean-energy future, and various options for flexibility, involving a variety of sectors, should be considered by policymakers and technology actors in order to achieve it.
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