Position, Position, Position : A content analysis of the impact of populist radical right on public policy in Western Europe

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This thesis examines the relationship between the positions occupied by the populist radical right patties and the changes in policies regarding immigration in the West European countries. The study focuses on the populist radical right in four European countries, namely: Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK, and different conditions under which they operate: within govenunent, supporting a minority govemment being outside of it, opposing the mainstream parties within parliament, or exerting influence from outside parliament. This thesis first looks at the pmblems addressed by the populist radical right pa:tties in their platfom1s and the policies regarding immigration adopted in the countries, and then compares them with each oUter qualitatively ilirough content analysis. It reveals whether a policy reflects cettain solutions proposed by the populist radical right in the spheres of integration, labour migration, asylum, and family reunification, and analyses in which position these parties exettmore influence on the public policymaking. The thesis concludes by showing in which position regarding parliament and government the populist radical right can influence public policymaking, particularly in the field of immigration.
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