The extent to which accounting faculties in the Netherlands are dealing with data analytics in the accounting curricula: An exploratory research

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Abstract: Data analytics is affecting the working field resulting in an increased amount of uses and rising demands in data analytics knowledge, however previous research broad up accounting curricula lagging in their implementation of data analytics within the accounting curricula. In this thesis 10 exploratory interviews and additional surveys both among accounting professionals were conducted to gain a further understanding on the impact of data analytics within the accounting profession and to what extent accounting faculties in the Netherlands are dealing with data analytics with their accounting curricula. It is found that data analytics is a widely spread tool for organizations, as well as accounting professionals, that impact the daily work in several ways. However, although the increased impact data analytics techniques have on the accounting profession, the accounting curricula in the Netherlands lack to provide the accounting professionals with the knowledge to use data analytics within the working field. Accounting faculties have to be able to continuously adopt their accounting curricula to the developments that are rapidly in the accounting organizations. The results of the thesis emphasize the need for accounting faculties to close the gap with the knowledge of data analytics needed in the accounting profession.
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