Theatre in the Age of Digital Reproduction Opportunities and Risks of Digitalisation and the Use of New Media in the Performing Arts

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Digitalisation and globalisation are changing our lives, our everyday work and our free time. However, what does that mean for the arts and in particular for theatre, which is often regarded as the mirror of society? In previous decades the use of digital technology at theatres was limited to the control of light or sound. If one looks at the opera and theatre landscape today, it becomes clear that opera and theatre have become a multimedia phenomenon. Since the first performances in the 17th century, theatre and its performance practice have changed significantly. Today, the performing arts have become a spectacle that takes place on television, in public places, on the internet, and in cinemas. Digitalisation, for example, offers opportunities to present and make the cultural assets of museums, libraries, and even theatres accessible around the world.
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