The European Neighborhood Policy : A Closure of EU Enlargement? A Cosmopolitan Interpretation of the Case of Ukraine

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In my thesis which I have called the “The European Neighbourhood Policy: A Closure of EU Enlargement? A Cosmopolitan Interpretation of the case of Ukraine”, I am going to first present the theoretical basis for my research, explaining the scientific and societal relevance, then introducing the hypothesis, the central research question as well as the subquestions. In the second section, I will start with a factual and historical background of Ukraine, then provide an overview over the European Neighbourhood Policy, explaining what the policy is, as well as what the documents say, and giving an idea of how the policy has developed over the years. Proceeding, I am going to provide a conceptual view of the ENP, showing what geographers and researchers have said about it and which conclusions they have reached, and thus making it clear how this relates to my case study which is Ukraine in the ENP. After that I am going to provide an overview over the cosmopolitan border theory and connect this to the case of Ukraine in the European Neighbourhood Policy. Here I will show how this relates to an understanding of the EU, the ENP and the creation of a European space. Finally in my analysis section, I will use the cosmopolitan theory as well as my own research and interviews to attempt to fulfill my hypothesis, and with that applying a cosmopolitan view on the case of Ukraine in the ENP. Finally, I will have a conclusion where I reflect on what I have found through my research, as well as providing a summary of my topic.
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