I amSMARTerdam – Revaluating the Smart City concept through the world’s most bottom-up Smart City

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Smart Cities are, while hot-and-happening, in the field of urban planning, also a source of confusion and debate. While many argue against the technology-driven and top-down nature of the Smart City model, the bottom-up component is often appointed as the deciding factor in the determination whether a Smart City can be successful and contributing to its set goals, or rather resulting in an effort harming the city and its citizens in the long run. This thesis set out to explore the bottom-up component in one of the most revered and most bottom-up Smart Cities of the world, Amsterdam. Remarkably, the research has proven that Amsterdam Smart City, even though it is often seen as one of the good examples, suffers from the same issues. Its initiatives are an amalgamation of subjects that hardly seem to fit under the smart narrative as propagated by Amsterdam Smart City and hardly any initiatives can be considered truly bottom-up. If one of the prime examples fails to adhere to its own standards, what does this mean for the concept of smart cities?
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