Ceuta & the EU Customs Union : How to Europeanize Europe´s margins?

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This qualitative, explorative case-study aims to theorize recent transformation processes in the border-region of Ceuta and Northern Morocco. A recent decision in 2011 by Ceuta as consequence and cause of transformations has been to join the EU Customs Union in 2012. Further it seeks to understand how the decision-making process and debate have been influenced by “Europeanization” –processes and carry attributes of “European-ness”. Using post-colonial theories attributes of Europeanization are traced in transformations, arguments in the debate about joining the EU Customs Union and thinking of border-people from both sides of the border. Besides, potential attributes of Europeanization in potential socio-economic effects in the border region are put into scene. That way an answer is given to the research-question, in which way attributes of European-ness, otherness, Europeanization and resistance are reflected in transformations in the border-region, factors in the debate about joining the EU-Customs Union and thinking of border-people from both sides in Ceuta. This research has thus challenged and proved applicability of postcolonial theory to the special border phenomena of Ceuta, also highlighting one-sidedness of decision-making (Ceuta as site of decision) impacting also the other side of the border (the Moroccan part of the border-region)
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