The influence of shock events in Flood Risk Management

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The consequences of climate change, such as flood events, are especially visible in urban areas. The floods in the Dutch province of Limburg in July 2021 figure as a shock event which created national awareness regarding the questions where and how to construct new residential areas. The goal of this research is determine how Flood Risk Management could be improved. To study this, the concept of Multi-Layer Safety (meerlaagsveiligheid) has been used. The theoretical foundation used in this research is the CIAD Framework: a slightly adjusted, more critical and politicised framework than the original Institutional Analysis and Development Framework by Elinor Ostrom. The three findings that seemed to be the most outstanding are 1) the translation from more abstract, general policy documents into concrete rules on local scale in a correct way (doorvertaling); 2) responsibility issues and the role of the Water Authority; and 3) the finance system for the regional water system. The three main conclusions focus on these three elements and how to improve them. These findings can be used to improve future Flood Risk Management strategies and policy development, regarding housing developments in flood prone areas (Layer 2 of Multi-Layer Safety).
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