The effect of a peer persona on the user experience for an educational chatbot

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In the last few years, the use of chatbots has become quite popular. One of the elds they can be used in is education, however, most implementations in this eld have failed to compare to human counterparts for the same task. In this study, a chatbot with the persona of a student's peer was developed to educate users on the importance of safe internet practices. This peer persona, as well as a neutral persona, were compared to investigate which of the two conditions would lead to a higher user experience. The user experience was measured using a modi ed Uni ed Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology. The results indicated that a peer persona compared to a neutral persona does not have a signi cant e ect on the overall user experience. However, it does increase the Perceived Enjoyment of the user. The results also con rmed that the correlations within the Uni ed Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology were accurate.
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