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    CITIZENS IN THE MAKING Mavo Teachers on Citizenship Education
    (2019-08-05) Harten, van, Aniek
    This study explores the views of mavo teachers (middelbaar algemeen voortgezet onderwijs, middle general secondary education) on citizenship education in the Netherlands. In this ethnographic study, the informants were 24 mavo teachers and results have been obtained through observation, informal conversations, a questionnaire, a focus group discussion and open interviews. The findings that will be presented indicate that 1) the multidimensionality of the citizenship concept that is described in social science literature is also present in the way mavo teachers discuss this concept, in which a distinction is perceived in a formal, identificational and practised dimension of citizenship; that 2) mavo teachers tend to compare their view on citizenship education with the government’s perspectives and by doing so, they criticize the design and implementation of citizenship education. 3) mavo teachers emphasize the responsibility of parents in citizenship education and plead for a parents-teacher collaboration in organizing the implementation of citizenship education.
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    `Motherhood, Migration and Care' Unravelling Gender Inequality and Looking for Agency in Azumiatla, Puebla
    (2019-08-16) Demmering, Carla
    Theories on gender discourses in the context of migration suggest that they would change and become more egalitarian. While most scholars analysing these changes focus on structural changes in the lives of migrants, my contributions to this body of literature lie in focusing on individual agency in transnational discourses on care. I focus on the agency of Mexican migrant mothers, who lived in the United States and returned to their home in Azumiatla, Puebla. By unravelling discourses with the gender lens and operationalising agency by using the concept of social navigation, I show how the women's agency is manifested: Not only in acting in a way that opposes traditional gendered practices, but in using and stretching traditional ideals.
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    Grasping a ‘more-than-human world’: The significance of the return of the wolf for the Dutch sheep owners
    (2019-08-16) Goede, de, Vera
    This thesis provides an account of the lives of the Dutch sheep owners: the main stakeholder group in the Dutch wolf debate. The wolf is a hot topic in the Netherlands since its return after being gone for over a century. Dutch nature organisations welcome the wolf since it is expected that it can provide more of a balance to the eco-system. However, sheep owners give expression to their controversial opinion that the wolf is a ‘dangerous’ predator that forms a threat to their sheep, and thus should not be protected. The stance of the sheep owners is not further explored by nature organisations nor the government, which developed policies and regulations concerning the topic. Drawing on the daily sheep owner activities, their relations with their sheep and their narratives in the wolf debate, I uncover the significance of the return of the wolf. I assert that to truly understand the sheep owners’ resentment, we need to let go of the alleged divide between ‘humanity’ and ‘nature’, in the academic- and Western world. In this argument, I implicitly critique the general neoliberalist rationale that leaves little space for ways of working and living in the Dutch landscape that do not conform to its ecological and economic ‘truths’, like the ways sheep owners connect and relate to their environment.