'Networking peace' Comprehensive strategies for sustainable conflict management in a complex security environment - the German approach

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New wars and new solutions for security and development dominate the discourse around international interventions, entailing various motives and interests and building on the conviction that in an increasingly interconnected world, local conflicts are harmful to all. Yet, there is a lack of concepts and strategies for successful implementation of sustainable peace-building measures, and while conflict resolution and prevention are at the head of the agendas of many an international organization, goals and demands are scarcely met in practice. This thesis discusses the Comprehensive Approach for cooperation and coordination of various actors within a wider arena of peacekeeping missions, focusing on the German context and supported by an internship with the Center for International Peace Operations in Berlin. An extensive literature research, in-depth interviews with representatives of military and civil governmental and non-governmental institutions, and a focus study provided multifaceted data to analyze narratives, concepts and frictions in the discourse. The CA as a normative concept, practical implications in the field and the way forward in German peace operations are suspenseful topics not only for scientific analysis but also for future political and social realities around the world.
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