Innovation in the rural areas of the Metropoolregio Eindhoven and urbanrural partnerships

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The role of rural innovation in the Metropoolregio Eindhoven is researched in this thesis. The examples of innovation hotspots in the region are well known but there is less information about the role of the rural parts of the region as places which are home to innovative businesses. This information is important in order to become more aware of the impact of small rural businesses in the innovation ecosystem of the region. In this research this will be answered by the following main question: What is the role of innovation in rural areas in the Metropoolregio Eindhoven and how are these areas embedded in the innovation ecosystem of the Metropoolregio Eindhoven. This question is answered during the research by a case study based on literature and interviews. The possibilities of rural innovation and the creation of linkages and partnerships between the urban and the rural parts in the region are researched. Concluding that there are many chances for rural innovation in the region but the connections with rural businesses in the businesses networks need to improve in order to embed them more in the innovation ecosystem.
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