“The European Union: bliss or burden to refuged people? How EU’s policies affect refuge people’s well-being and migrant trajectories in three different cities in Turkey: Kayseri, Istanbul and Edirne”

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This bachelor’s thesis elaborates on the topic of Migrant Trajectories. I try to answer my research question on if refuged people’s trajectories, but also well-being, in the form of human rights, are affected by policies implemented by the European Union in Turkey. To gain an understanding whether the position of refuged people in this trajectory matters, I conducted a case study on three cities, being Kayseri, Istanbul and Edirne. Next to the change of trajectories we observe, because of the outcome of literature, media articles and other sources, a phase-theory is introduced that tries to explain how the found migrant trajectories can be divided into parts. In all, we will conclude that refuged people find themselves in a pinching situation in which their human rights are violated, without the Turkish government and European Union adhering to international agreements like the Geneva Convention on Refugees of 1951. Trajectories have changed because of the EU’s policies and the chances of reaching safety are compromised. Therefore, in the end I argue that the European Union does not fulfil its role as an aid provider, but merely is interested in keeping out refuged people from EU-territory. They are a burden and not a bliss.
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