Digital Orientation in the Financial Industry: A New Strategic Orientation and its Mechanisms as Antecedents for Value Creation

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Digital technology is an increasingly dominant factor when it comes to the creation of value for many firms across many different industries. Both the dangers and opportunities that digital technology present are prevalent in these different industries, including the financial service industry. This research focusses on the relationship between digital orientations and value creation and is conducted as a single case study at Rabobank, one of the largest banks in the Netherlands. By offering insights into the mechanisms of a digital orientation, this research expands on the conceptualisation of the digital orientation and shows which of the mechanisms contribute to the digital orientations’ positive effects on firm performance. This research draws on the existing dimensions of digital orientations and sources of digitally enabled value creation in order to shape a theoretical framework. The results of this research show that the mechanisms identified in the theoretical framework each have a positive effect on at least one driver of value creation, and are therefore relevant for firms adopting a digital orientation. The results also show a negative effect of one of the mechanisms, as well as a factor not included in the theory to facilitate the positive effect on value creation of one of the mechanisms.
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