EFL Teachers and Dyslexia: How Is Dyslexia Perceived by EFL Teachers in the Netherlands.

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The present study aimed to establish whether EFL teachers in the Netherlands received any training on teaching students with dyslexia, how they perceive their own capabilities in this regard, as well as how they help students with dyslexia in their classrooms. A questionnaire was used to collect self-report data from 47 EFL teachers across the Netherlands. The results of the questionnaire suggest teachers generally receive little training on dyslexia or how to effectively help students with dyslexia. However, it seems that most teachers are in favour of such training. The results further suggest it is possible that a considerable number of EFL teachers in the Netherlands lacks confidence in their own abilities to help students with dyslexia. Yet, it also seems that the majority of teachers are in-favour of differentiation to help students with dyslexia. While this last point can also be observed in their reports of classroom practices, they also point to possible areas for improvement. While the results suggest EFL teachers in the Netherlands usually employ differentiation when it comes to language testing, it seems differentiation during the teaching phase is far less common.
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