Peeking inside the 'black box': influence of director contribution on board effectiveness and the moderating effects of facial expressions in general board meetings

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Previous research on board effectiveness was often based on board composition variables and organization outcome variables, providing little evidence on interfering processes. Therefore, the objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between board director contribution and board effectiveness. In addition, the moderation of positive and negative facial expressions of board directors during board meetings was examined. In this study, videos of general board meetings of regional water authorities in the Netherlands were analyzed with the support of emotion recognition software. This study found no significant effect between director contribution and board effectiveness. In addition, no significant moderating effects of positive and negative facial expressions were found. Although not of primary interest in this study, negative facial expressions displayed by the top management team were found to have a significant association with board effectiveness. Even though this study did not find support for the proposed hypotheses, it made a contribution by exploring affect display and identifying limitations to existing theories. The results emphasize the need to control for context-specific factors in applying group dynamics theories in future board research.
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