“Knowing which way the wind is blowing". Cooperation and its effect on the realization of onshore wind farms in the Netherland

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As climate change is becoming more visible and apparent, an increasing number of people are realizing that something has to change in human society to try and limit the consequences of human behavior. . It is anticipated that cooperation will make the energy transition easier by including the citizens, it can also make it more difficult by for example elongating the process by including all different opinions. With this quantitative study, it is investigated whether the presence of a cooperative has an effect on the chance of receiving a permit and the chance of realization of onshore wind farms. Does cooperation increase the chance of receiving a permit and the chance for realization or does it elongate the process? The dataset includes 352 onshore wind farms in the Netherlands of which all sorts of data has been collected. The conclusion is that presence of a cooperative does have an influence on the chance of receiving a permit but not on the chance for realization of a wind farm project. It seems to have a positive influence and causes for wind farms to receive a permit quicker and more easily. The realization chance is however not significantly influenced.
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