The Border Machine. Security measures of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee on the border on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee plays a unique role in the border process of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It functions as an important cog in the process that can be compared with a machine, at work in a world of growing mobility. Operating in an era of economic growth when demand for security is increasing and where passengers privacy gets pressurised. The aim of this research is to capture this process of border controlling and to get an insight in how the different border actors are connected. The complexity of the process is in the public and private cooperation, economic interests, the increase of passengers and the continuous challenges in a jungle of legal rulings and international agreements. To get a proper understanding of its complexity, the research was done from different angles, combining literature with sets of data, observations and interviews in order to answer the main research question. To what extent do security measures of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee influence the daily flow of passengers at the border on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol?
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