Now, she is the new husband. Positions and changing roles of female stayers in mobile Gambia

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Migration is not only about migrants. This study focusses on the other side of migration; non migration. More specifically, it focusses on female non-migrants in The Gambia. In a field where there is much attention for actual movement, people who do not move are often ‘forgotten’. Because of all the research done to ‘migration aspirations’ and ‘migration desires’, an image is created in which stayers (particularly women) are considered to be ‘left-behind’. This stimulates their ascribed position in which they are seen as powerless and passively acting human beings. However, this research wants to change this negative image. The power that women who stay have, and their importance for migration will be emphasized. In this qualitative research, conducted in The Gambia, stories and thoughts of women are the central point of view. This study concludes that migration certainly has its consequences for women, but women who stay have consequences for the migration processes of others as well. The role of immobility within mobility needs to be acknowledged by migration studies whereby non-migrants have to be seen as individual, actively acting people.
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