Plenty of Pipelines & Barely Buzz – A research on network linkages for innovation: Evidence from Thailand

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This thesis looks into the Thai ‘middle-income trap’ and investigates how the generation of continuous innovation can bring Thailand from being a middle-income country at the catch-up stage to an advanced country situated at the leading edge. From a regional point of view, innovation is locally embedded and arises from both formal and planned, as well as, informal and unplanned forms of contact. In this view, innovation is often a result of social interaction in which individuals are interacting, collaborating, and sharing ideas and solutions with others. Although the role of face-to-face networks within regional environments has often been addressed, argue others that the fortunes of regions are not only shaped by what is going on within them, but moreover by what is happing externally. This thesis uses the concept of ‘local buzz’ and ‘global pipelines’ to investigate the network linkages for innovation in Thailand. Whereas local buzz focus on the importance of face-to-face contacts and geographical proximity emphasizes global pipelines the importance of collaborating with partners in other regions within the same national territory or abroad. Additionally, the effect of cultural intelligence (CQ) on innovation and the usage of international partners for innovation is being examined.
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