The trajectories of West African skilled migrants and the impact of ther mobility experiences towards and within the European Union (EU). Case study of the Netherlands

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The thesis presents the trajectories of West African skilled migrants towards and within the European Union (EU). The research is undertaken by employing an auto-bio/ ethnographic account methodology to analyze the trajectories of these skilled migrants’ mobility experiences, encounters and challenges of the dynamic journey they undertake en route to and within Europe. Based on data collected include auto ethnographic material and twelve individuals in-depth interviews of West African skilled migrants within the EU and the Netherlands in Particular. The Findings shows the role of social networks on the parallel careers that shapes their migration trajectories. It challenges the policy of border management on how EU policy and programmes hinders or propagates their mobility. Taking into consideration the impact of the skilled migrant’s lives and wellbeing. This ethnographic approach provides an understanding into the migration process through the lives of the skilled migrants and reveals how this trajectories experiences fine-tunes their vocation. The result illustrates how best each regions -West African sub region and the EU zone can maintain a cordial diplomatic relationship within the phase of this humanitarian scenario for the Diaspora Community.
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