It's not a fashion statement. An exploration of masculinity and femininity in contemporary emo music

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Masculinity and femininity can be performed in many ways. The emo genre explores a variety of ways in which gender can be performed. Theories on gender, masculinity and femininity will be used to analyze both the lyrics and the music videos of these two bands, indicating how they perform gender lyrically and visually. Likewise a short introduction on emo music will be given, to gain a better understanding of the genre and the subculture. It will become clear that the emo subculture allows for men and women to explore their own identity. This is reflected in the music associated to the emo genre as well as their visual representation in their music videos. This essay will explore how both a male fronted band, My Chemical Romance, and a female fronted band, Paramore, perform gender. All studio albums and official music videos will be used to investigate how they have performed gender throughout their career. Looking for trends, similarities and differences between the bands and within the band’s career. Keywords: Gender, Masculinity, Femininity, Representation, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Emo, Music, Lyrics, Videos 
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