The DNA of the Bloemerstraat

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The research centred around the Bloemerstraat in Nijmegen, which is the municipality labelled as one of the most vulnerable areas in the city centre, because of the high vacancy and negative reputation. The goal was to investigate if a street in decline can be improved by branding and how this can be achieved by sticking close to its own DNA. The DNA of the Bloemerstraat is based on the identity-based branding theory from Kavaratzis and Hatch. Thus, the DNA of the Bloemerstraat is determined from interviews with stakeholders and surveys, distrusted among residents and entrepreneurs, and translated into the few distinctive ‘keywords’. These keywords form the bases for effective place branding in the Bloemerstraat that also influence and enrich the image and culture of the street. Furthermore, the branding of a street in decline is a way to express, rediscover and determine the meaning of that place. Also, the creation of a place brand gave an opportunity to understand the personality of the street, which is a process of determining the unique characteristics, turning its negative elements into positive elements, develop ideas and concepts for the brand and building a story to tell through place branding. However, developing a place brand for a street in decline is about building a positive reputation which is a long-term process.
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