Attention Redirecting Strategies: what do deaf parents prefer?

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Most of the deaf children born in the US, are born into hearing families. Within these families, there is a language mismatch between the hearing parents and the def child. This can lead to a wide variety of problems. The parents are not sure how to deal with this new way of communicating, and often fail to parent to the best of their abilities. Previous research has found that there are many differences between parents that share their hearing status with their child and those families that experienced a language mismatch. This study set out to explore one aspect of sign language to hopefully gain insights that could help hearing parents in the future. This study uses clips from a database that has videos of deaf parents. These clips were annotated and analysed based on five different types of strategies deaf parents use most. It concludes that there are no conclusive trends visible in the data, most likely due to the small dataset, but there are some tendencies visible. Such as the preference for physical and visual cues.
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