Adaptive Reuse, Migration, Place-making, and Visibility: A Study of Mosque Assalam in Gouda, the Netherlands.

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In my thesis I will be doing a case study on MIV Mosque Assalam in Gouda, The Netherlands. I will be focusing on the three different locations of Mosque Assalam mosques and how they have gone through the adaptive reuse process. Through my literature review you will see how adaptive reuse, migration, placemaking, and racism can all play a role in where mosques are located in cities. By interviewing locals, Mosque Assalam, and city council, I collected data on the history of Muslims, the adaptive reuse process of these mosques, and the integration of these three different locations in Gouda. The main findings of my research were that over the last 5-10 years there has been a change towards Muslims in the city of Gouda with a more positive view towards them. The new mosque in Gouda is visibly a mosque and was designed by Mosque Assalam but despite the fact that views have changed over the last few years there is still a way to go as Mosque Assalam was not given all rights to design the mosque how they wanted and were still influenced by the city showing that there is still “othering” happening in Gouda.
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