MEER GRUUN IN NI’JLUUSN: Een participatief actieonderzoek naar de effecten van stakeholderinteracties en padafhankelijkheden op de ontwikkeling van groene burgerinitiatieven van de Werkgroep Vergroenen in Nieuwleusen (Overijssel)

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In this research an in-depth view on the effect of path dependencies on civilian initiatives of a local workgroup (Werkgroep Vergroenen) in the town of Nieuwleusen (Overijssel, The Netherlands) will be provided through participatory action research. Several initiative developments advocated by the workgroup prove difficult to cultivate because of ‘system boundaries’ in farmers’ business operations and management, the agriculture sector, and in policies, laws, and regulations, and government instruments of the local government agencies. Especially the financial aspect of green initiative realisation is hard getting around, for example, because of the policies, laws, and regulations regarding ‘tiny houses’, a potential funding for the realisation of nature in the surrounding area of Nieuwleusen. Moreover, next to ‘physical boundaries’ deriving from stakeholder path dependencies a local farmer appears to be to some extent in a ‘behavioural lock-in’ regarding change in land use and his business operations as a farmer. Non-fitting policies and government instruments elongate processes of the local ‘green’ initiative developments. Transformations in policies can provide a better framework for the local initiatives. As a side effect, green initiative development will even be further delayed having to wait on better fitting new policies, regulations, and instruments.
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