Unravelling the changing policy arrangement of nature inclusive fruit cultivation in the Betuwe, the Netherlands

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Considering the challenges of climate change, ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss, a transition in the food system is needed. Fruit cultivation is one part of this agricultural system. A proposed way forward in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands is nature inclusivity. The research question: “How did the Policy Arrangement of nature inclusivity in fruit cultivation in the Betuwe develop from the year 2016 to the end of 2021?” is answered by a content analysis and semi-structured interviews, using the Policy Arrangement Approach and elements of the Multi-Level Perspective. The research concluded that almost all elements of the PA of NIF in the Betuwe changed. Nature inclusivity has developed in discourse and importance and the actors shifted more towards collaborating. Some actors (as financial institutions and supermarkets) did not change their roles significantly, even though other actors would expect more contribution for nature inclusivity from them. Knowledge, skills, education, best practices, information, the availability of funds on nature inclusivity have increased. The barriers of knowledge exchange, the perception of financial risks and the power distribution remained stable for most actors. Formal rules only changed with the increase of legislation to ban pesticides, while informal rules changed more.
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