Public Participation Definitely Can Add Value To Transit-Oriented Developments: A study of public participation within Dutch TOD practice

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Transit-Oriented Development and public participation are two frequently researched subjects in contemporary international literature. Yet, rarely investigated in unison. This thesis provides a first look into their combination. First the current practice of public participation withing Dutch spatial planning was researched. Then, the added value and the (dis-)advantages of public participation within Dutch TODs are examined. Finally, the potential for public participation within Dutch TOD practice is discussed. This research is of qualitative nature. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with the three types of actors [public sector, developer, civil society] present during TOD participatory trajectories, which provided insights into the current practice, predominantly confirmed the perceived (dis-)advantages of public participation within TODs and mentioned future improvements. Clear communication and transparency throughout TOD projects were found to be especially important. The overarching goals of public participation are to enhance the outcomes of a project, as well as to create a larger support base. The potential for public participation in TODs, to accomplish these goals, is to attain the benefits of public participation, and to reduce the perceived disadvantages. Furthermore, the potential for strengthening public participation within Dutch TODs is sought in the Environment and Planning Act and the national TOD Assessment Tool.
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