A Force for Good: An exploration of the B-Corp social responsibility accreditation and its influence on company-wide responsible business practices.

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This investigation explores the B-Corp certification through literature, document and interview analysis to gauge its influence on company-wide responsible business practices. The research also considers the future of the B-Corp movement and its associated challenges. Findings indicated that the accreditation is attracting companies that already have a high degree of CSR and therefore the influence of the certification was minimal. The certification process inspired review of some policies regarding recruitment or their supply chains. In addition, the certification has the potential to increase an organisations perceived level of philanthropic level of responsibility. With regards to the future of the movement. This investigation highlighted three main challenge areas that must be addressed if the positive dynamics and novelty of the certification are to be maintained through its current period of rapid growth. These are: 1. Communication – The improvement of communication pathways between B-Lab, CBCs and prospective CBCs. 2. Benefits – The benefits of accreditation must be made more tangible to those organisations looking to become certified, and to retaining those who are considering re-certification. 3. Scalability – Increased responsibility to the governing body to ensure CSR standards and founding values are upheld, especially with regards to the certification of larger multinational organisations.
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