‘Tourists are taking over’: Research on the travel motivations of international visitors and the tourism management tactic ‘spreading’

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Tourism, as an important form of human activity, has seen its changes. Where back in the days travelling was seen as a luxury, nowadays it is often self-evident. As a consequence of the growing tourism industry more cities are experiencing negativities as top sites become overcrowded. Because of this, the need for managing the rise in tourism is acknowledged and different initiatives emerged to create a balanced living and working environment. One of the cities that is managing the incoming tourism flows, is Amsterdam. Management has come in to play and the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam (MRA) has implemented tourism policy, to promote tourism outside Amsterdam’s mainstream areas and spread the international visitors. This research investigated both, the Dutch tourism management framework and the influence of the spreading policy on the motivations of international visitors to visit the Zaanse Schans. This research has been executed with the help of the following research question: What motivates international visitors to visit a location outside Amsterdam’s city centre and to what extent is this motivation influenced by personal factors and policy?. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are used to carry out the research and obtain the necessary data.
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