The gap between expectations and demands of young professionals and the offered attributes of organisations: A case study in a leading Belgium financial institution

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This study examines the gap between the expectations and demands of young professionals from Generation Y (born between 1980-2000) and their (often) first employers and the offered attributes of this employer. We assess the attractiveness of the employer and include the external environment that might have influenced the level of attractiveness. The study was conducted in a leading Belgium financial institution in Brussels. This institution went through several important organisational and structural changes and is trying to build a renewed employer brand that will help them to attract young professionals from Generation Y who can help the organisation to achieve its strategic goals in the future. This thesis research examined the outcomes of the main research question: How is the employer brand and the image of the financial institution assessed by its employees and how does this assessment relates to expectations of potential young professionals from Generation Y. To answer this question a qualitative case-study was executed. Including 15 semi-structured interviews with 15 respondents from different layers in the organisation where the case-study was conducted. Results emerged from the data gave insights in the expectations of young professionals from Generation Y and their demands according to current employees. We examined the offering of the company according to the respondents and the attractive factors of the employer that made them decide to start working at this particular organisation. We concluded that the inside-out perspective of employer branding is missing and therefore the attractiveness of the employer. Due to lacks in internal communication the current employees are not seen as ambassadors. Thereby, the reputation damage of the Global Financial Crisis that hit banks in general seemed to be low in this situation. We also concluded that the company offers attractive attributes to potential employees but is not communicating this attributes in the right way and therefore the organisation should find better and innovative ways to reach the target group.
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