“Amsterdam By Train: An Exploratory Study of Ex-panding International Long Distance Passenger Rail from Amsterdam”

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International, long-distance passenger rail in Europe underperforms in terms of passengers carried. Given the climate crisis, a network of long-distance services would be an important element in reducing transport sector emissions, by giving travellers a viable alternative to flights. Journeys in the 300-850km range are identified as the key market sector to target for introducing new international services in order to generate air-to-rail modal shift in traveller behaviour of an environmentally useful magnitude. However, delivering this increase in services involves overcoming many barriers. This research attempts to understand the barriers and examine solutions for overcoming them. Not having the resources to examine the barriers for all potential routes in Europe, the research focuses on the situation for Amsterdam, a major city in a country with the geographical, infrastructural and economic characteristics to enable an expansive network of long-distance international rail routes, but which currently only sees services on four routes. Interviews with representatives from stakeholder organisations were undertaken to gain deeper insights into the nature of the barriers and how to overcome them. An expanded network of routes from Amsterdam is proposed, and recommendations are presented that address the most important barriers to overcome in order to realise this network.
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