Environmental health and adaptation responses in localflood-prone communities; A case study in the village of Sriwulan, Central Java, lndonesia

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The population of the small village of Sriwulan, located on the island of Java, Indonesia, is increasingly threatened by the occurrence of tidal floods. These floods have significant effects on the environmental health of the inhabitants, requiring strict adaptation strategies. Adaptation is important for people to protect themselves against (increasing) floods and therefore to reduce their vulnerability and increase their resilience. In order to gain more knowledge on these concepts under the worst circumstances, this thesis digs further into the negative health consequences of floods and the specific adaptation strategies that are used. Survey analysis and empirical research according to an exploratory case study show clear correlations between floods and negative effects on sanitation systems, drinking water, food and illnesses in general. To try and adapt to these negative effects from floods, people raise their homes and yards and build dams. However, there is no evidence that these adaptation measures have a positive effect on the occurrence of environmental health issues in Sriwulan; the people who spend the most time and money on adaptation measures still remain the most vulnerable.
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