Your feedback matters! Studying innovative work behavior through feedback interactions A qualitative study on perceived feedback interactions and how it influences teachers’ IWB in Dutch primary schools

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The interest in employees' innovative work behavior (IWB) is increasing. Existing literature shows a relationship between feedback interaction and IWB. However, there is not yet enough knowledge to confirm the influence of the perception of feedback interactions on the three different stages of IWB: idea generation, promotion, and implementation. To investigate this qualitatively, twelve semi-structured interviews were conducted at six different primary schools in the Netherlands. The results showed that there is insufficient feedback interaction in leading IWB. This is the least reflected in the idea generation stage, in which open and friendly feedback provides an abundance of ideas. However, the reliability of the feedback sources is doubted because the teachers see each other as friends with open relationships. in the idea promotion phase, a lack of feedback meetings makes it difficult to keep people informed and it appears that giving critical feedback fails. Lastly, teachers are disappointed in the idea implementation stage, because of unfulfilled promises by their supervisors. To gain more insight into this issue, longitudinal research is recommended on both female and male teachers, with additional observations. Also, research is recommended on how to improve the perception of feedback interaction, thus achieving higher scores of teachers' IWB.
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