The Dark Side of Lean Implementation: The Influence of Communication through the Lean Day Start on Employee Well-being A single case study in the wholesale sector

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This research investigates the influence of communication through the day start on employee well-being regarding work engagement, work pressure and work stress. The importance of the soft aspects of lean is confirmed in the literature. Communication is one of the essential soft aspects of lean and is an antecedent for successful lean implementation. Nevertheless, the literature insufficiently investigates these soft aspects. However, there are contradictory perspectives on lean and employee well-being. The research conducts a mixed-method research approach. The research conducts semi-structured interviews and a questionnaire to investigate the influence of communication through the day start on employee well-being. This research shows an intermediate effect of communication on employee well-being. The most striking result of the research is that the employees who attend the day start frequently are more likely to experience work stress than the employees who attend the day start infrequently. Next, the research contributes to existing literate because it extends the theory of Womack & Jones (1996) by adding the sixth dimension. This research also confirms the importance of communication for a successful lean implementation
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