Investigating the realisation of nature-based solutions

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This thesis examines the challenge of wide-scale realisation of Nature Based Solutions (NBS), focussing on limitations in knowledge-action systems. It explores the implication of linking knowledge and action to identify approaches to support widescale NBS realisation. The researcher uses a series of interviews from NBS projects to determine key lessons learnt surrounding NBS implementation. Learnings are distilled to key learnings based on a thematical analysis and commonality between projects. Using categories from literature which seek to overcome obstacles between knowledge and action, key learnings are analysed to determine the approaches applied across NBS projects. Finally, the SWOT methodology was used, prioritising strengths and opportunities as useful approaches to support the wide-scale realisation of NBS. The categories of 'learning' and 'integration' were highlighted from strengths. Key takeaways communicate that as NBS become widespread, understanding within industry and the community will improve. Further, the flexibility and adaptability of NBS will address varied contextual environments of future applications. Within opportunities, the categories 'participation' and 'negotiation' were favoured. These opportunities lie in relationships between knowledge developers and their user communities as well as the space created for different political interests. Using the results, stakeholders can dedicate resources on particular methods of linking knowledge and action within NBS projects. In their application, it is intended that wide-scale NSB realisation becomes more attainable.
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