EARTHQUAKES IN GRONINGEN AND CLIMATE CHANGE ACTIVISM. The effect of place disruption on environmental civic behaviour in relation to climate change

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Two subjects of protest in 2019 in The Netherlands were climate change and the earthquakes in a province called Groningen due to the natural gas drillings. Since climate change and the earthquakes both share a cause, namely the fossil fuel industry, this research looked if there was a link between these two subjects by investigating if the people affected by the earthquakes in Groningen participated more in climate change activism than other people in The Netherlands. Using nonparametric statistical tests, and both linear and logistic regression analyses, it was found that the people from Groningen did participate less in climate change activism than other people. The people from Groningen also indicated that they worried less about climate change than the other people. The people who were only psychologically affected by the earthquakes showed a moderate to strong correlation from ‘perceived place disruption’ to place identity, meaning that people the stronger they feel connected to the province of Groningen, the more they were psychologically affected by the earthquakes. However, the people who were also ‘physically affected’, for example by living in a damaged house, they did not show a significant correlation.
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