Pressure-testing Romanian standard language ideology: emergent varieties in advertising.

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In this study, we investigate the perception and evaluation of Slang Romanian and Romglish, two emerging modern Romanian varieties. In three experiments, we studied participants’ reactions to these varieties in isolation, as well as in two different advertising contexts, which presented participants with either spoken or written variations on standard Romanian. A second goal of our research was to frame Romanian standard ideology through the prism of non-standard varieties. Our findings show that participants punished slang both in isolation as well as in its written form, whereas Romglish seems to have a higher status, being on par with the standard in isolation while no slogan effects were found for spoken commercials. Conversely, while the standard was rated the highest across all studies, brand recall in respondents was greatly increased (especially in male participants) when they were presented with written slogans employing Slang Romanian. As such, when designing a commercial, advertisers are faced with a crucial trade off: they can either make use of the standard variety in order to improve their brand’s prestige, or they can employ a non-standard variety for a better chance of remembering the brand name.
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