Are you Ready to Work “Agile”? Factors Determining Readiness to Change

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Agile working is becoming increasingly popular, as it enables organizations to be more flexible and to adapt better to change. The overall agile transformation at the company investigated in this project is at the very beginning. Since readiness to change and related factors are crucial in an organizational change like this, these factors have been investigated in the current study. Therefore an online questionnaire was spread among employees of different projects of the company. The questionnaire consisted of partly self-constructed and partly pre-existing scales. To test the different hypotheses two mediation analysis were carried out (N = 47). The results show that neither role ambiguity, nor exposure to agility predicted readiness to change. Neither was readiness to change predicting internalization of agility. There was no mediation effect of readiness to change on the relationship between exposure to agility and internalization of agility. Role ambiguity was found to predict internalization of agility, readiness to change was not mediating this relationship. Role ambiguity should be further investigated and concrete steps should be taken to counteract role ambiguity in the future. Keywords: readiness to change, role ambiguity, internalization of agility, exposure to agility
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