Recommanding Art with Pepper

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In a miniature museum located in the robot lab of the Radboud University in Nijmegen, a participant interacted with a pepper robot. After a brief introduction, they were either invited to join the robot in a hymnlike greeting (collaborative) or asked to take a moment for themselves (solitary condition). After the greeting, the robot presented two out of four artworks on its tablet and recommended one of them. The participant then got a chance to look at all four artworks for as long as they wish, and finally filled in a questionnaire consisting of the Godspeed Likeability and Animacy questionnaires, the COGNIRO Final Questionnaire, the Negative Attitude towards Robot Scale (NARS) and a rating of the artworks. A pilot and an experiment have been performed this way, with respectively 6 and 12 participants. Viewing times and Ratings have been recorded and compared for two groups. Initially the groups were to be based on the collaborative/solitary condition, but by lack of compliance they have been separated on robot likeability instead. No conclusive evidence has been found in favour of the hypothesis that a more likeable robot results in a higher rating or viewing time of the artwork it recommends. Suggestions for future research are provided.
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