The effect of the completeness of verbal anchoring used in charity logos on consumer responses in the Netherlands and Hungary.

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It investigates the effect of the completeness of verbal anchoring on attitude towards charities and their logos and donation intention regarding charity logos observed with cultural differences such as ‘uncertainty avoidance’ between the Netherlands and Hungary. In the current experiment, 195 participants took part, filling in an online questionnaire. Participants were displayed 3 varieties of 2 sets of logos of charity organizations, namely the logo, name and slogan of WWF and SOS Children’s Village, which were manipulated in order to show either only the logo, the logo and the name, or the logo name and slogan to the participants, respectively to their mother tongue, in Dutch or Hungarian. The results of the study showed that the different degrees of completeness of verbal anchoring did not have a significant effect on the consumer responses, however results propose that culture did have an effect, because Hungarians had a more positive attitude towards the charities and their logos. In conclusion, charity organizations should consider cultural factors even more than completeness of verbal anchoring.
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