Sustainable tourism: from ambition to plan. A qualitative research on environmentally sustainable tourism policies in the Dutch Hanseatic cities.

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Before the Corona crisis happened, the tourism industry had been growing exponentially worldwide. This growth brings a lot of opportunities, but at the same time also a lot of problems. One of these problems is the negative impact that tourism has on its environment. To minimize these negative consequences of tourism on its environment, there is a need for sustainable tourism policies. The Dutch Hanseatic cities along the IJssel created a new vision on tourism for the coming years. They changed their perspective from promotion to destination management. One of their main goals is to realise sustainability goals. However, there is no clear plan for this yet. This research explores the possibilities for sustainable tourism in the Dutch Hanseatic cities and how such policies can be formulated. The research shows that it is essential for cities to work together and create a joint plan for sustainable tourism policies. Tourism is an issue that is included in many different policy fields and it is important that there is a certain balance between benefiting from incoming tourism, whilst at the same time maintaining a high liveability standard for residents.
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