Exploring the strategy formation process for collective organizing

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The development of new forms of organizing and doing business around multiple value creation are emerging, addressing the global sustainability issues that have become more evident over the years. One is in the form of community-based business models where citizens are taking matter into their own hands, addressing the local or regional sustainable transition by taking collective action. To enable action, decision making, planning and therefore strategy formation takes place. Multiple stakeholders working together in these organizations face challenges incorporated with the pluralistic context they find themselves in, influencing these strategizing and organizing practices. Social learning is discussed as a way to approach strategic decision-making in a setting that involves multiple stakeholders. The aim of this research is to establish how the strategy formation process relates to the value creating properties of community-based business models in the food industry. Results show the strategy formation process is characterized by its pioneering, experimental, organic, chaotic and a mission focused nature. Also, much emphasis placed on learning. Learning from previous decisions and their outcomes, but also from each other. The experimenting nature expresses itself through mutual discussions and extensive communication, this enables the participating constituents to develop a shared perspective and learn how to work together. Finally, the multiple value creating aspiration are steering the strategy formation process. Ecological and social value creation are most influential and will not be sacrificed for increasing profit as long as the organization can continue its activities
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