"An organizational design perspective on self-organizing potential and customer value in agile teams A qualitative case study at Unit4"

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We are living in a complex world, where to disrupt or being be disrupted seems to be a rule in the software industry. The only certainty for business is the increasing speed of change, with an extreme pressure to adapt to those changing circumstances as quickly as possible and to create valuable products and services for customers. This thesis reports on a qualitative case study at Unit4, an international software company that decided a few years ago to implement Agile in the R&D Benelux department. Three theories are combined in the theoretical framework of this master thesis to analyze the relation between self-organizing potential of agile teams and customer value, such as Agile, Lean and Sociotechnical design theory. The aim of this study is addressing the relation between self-organizing potential of agile teams and the creation of customer value in the R&D Benelux department, in an organizational design perspective. Considering that organizations that are facing increasing uncertainty and complexity need to invest in organizational redesign, an organizational design perspective is chosen. The assessment of agile team features, degree of autonomy and degree of Scrum implementations, shows a positive impact on the creation of customer value. Key words: Self-organizing potential, Software, Autonomy, Agile, Scrum, Customer feedback, Customer involvement, Customer value, Sociotechnical design theory.
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