Groeten Uit Biezen: the City, the Neighborhood, and the Citizen Initiative in the Biezen, Nijmegen

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In this thesis one citizen initiative in the neighbourhood the Biezen, fitting the My Green Neighbourhood Programme of the city of Nijmegen 2019, is being researched within the context of the neighbourhood, neighbourhood attachment of the participants, the participation process and the use of the concept sustainability. Summarized in the main research question: ‘How is the citizen initiative Biezen-Maasstraat in Nijmegen implemented and how does that fit the broader context of sustainable citizen participation programmes?’ The answers are being explored by interpreting historic sources as newspapers and maps, interviewing the participants of the citizen initiative, the involved professionals and talk to people who live in the streets but who were not involved in the citizen initiative. The context in which a green citizen initiative takes place influences the outcomes and success of the implementation. People who are involved in the green citizen initiative feel attached to the neighbourhood, identify with the importance of sustainability and are able and willing to contribute to sustainability on a local scale. For the maintenance of common greenery, the importance of social cohesion as a motivation to participate and the ability and resources to do this maintenance is crucial.
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