As green as it gets; Researching the strategies of involving unusual suspects in Nijmegen Green Capital 2018

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Nijmegen is European Green Capital 2018. This is an award granted by the European Commission. Throughout this year activities are organized for professionals and citizens of Nijmegen, all under the umbrella concept sustainability (Green Capital, 2018). Not every citizen in Nijmegen is pre-assumed to be participating in Green Capital activities. Highly educated, wealthier people are more likely to perform conscious sustainable behaviour and have a higher global environmental concern (Van Liere & Dunlap, 1980). These are more likely to be participating in Green Capital activities. ‘Underprivileged’ groups in society are less likely to be involved and called ‘unusual suspects’. However, citizen participation is important for the city of Nijmegen and is one of the Green Capital ambitions. Therefore, this thesis researches the involvement of unusual suspects in the European Green Capital year in Nijmegen. The main question is: To what extent are unusual suspects involved in the Green Capital year Nijmegen; how and with what results? The involvement of these unusual suspects is researched by analysing the strategies that actors have deployed in the Green Capital year.
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