Are You Willing to Buy My Groceries? The mediating effect of online flow experience between the experienced quality of the e-servicescape and purchase intention in a Dutch online grocery setting

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The purpose of this study is to provide new insights in, and to improve the existing knowledge on the relation between the virtual environment, online flow, and customers’ purchase intention in the Dutch online grocery retail market. The main research question being answered in this paper is: “What is the mediating role and impact of online flow experience on the relationship between the experienced quality of the e-servicescape and customers’ purchase intention?” To answer the research question an online survey was conducted amongst Dutch respondents. First, respondents had to perform an online grocery buying task on a Dutch grocery retailer’s website. They subsequently filled in a questionnaire including statements about their opinions. Thereafter, the data was analysed using PLS-SEM in ADANCO. We followed the Three-Stage Approach, to derive second-order constructs to include into the model. The results show support for hypotheses H1 and H2, and rejection of hypotheses H3, H4, and H5. To conclude, results indicate that the experienced ‘quality of the e-servicescape’ influences both ‘purchase intention’ (weak effect) and ‘online flow experience’ (strong effect) in a positive way. However, we find no support for the mediating effect of ‘online flow experience’, and even a no-effect nonmediation was demonstrated.
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